Are You Reviving, Striving or Thriving?

Are You Reviving, Striving or Thriving?



Have you ever had conversations with your four year old self? Was your four year old self full of aspirations and satisfied with what your life has become? I can’t say for certain what your feelings were about those conversations, but my four year old self is quite ambitious and somewhat oblivious. Like the 2 year old rock climber in this video, or like my younger brother who would dive for literally any football thrown in his general direction. The life of a 4 year old isn’t always pretty though. Every parent of a sub five year old can vouch that their world is all that matters. When they are happy, they are super cute backflip happy. When they are mad, they are Maleficent mad. In 1986 I remember being so upset with my dad because he wouldn’t drive down the toll road I demanded we experience for the 3rd day in a row – Sorry dad. But as kids, we are free to feel how we wish and experience happiness, anger, giddiness and pain but never guilt. Guilt is man-made. Our primal brains see opportunities, but learn barriers. We feel how we feel and have no apologies unless we learn to over time. I still have conversations with that part of me on a daily basis and sometimes he has a lot to say.

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When it comes to you and me, both of our inner childs have big advantages over the grown and tempered adults we’ve become. Obliviousness is strong within them. We can be careful to our own detriment. To them, venturing unexplored territory guided only by primal survivalist instincts brings unparalleled reward. On a second by second basis they are driven with unfiltered passion and focus it whole-heartedly in the direction of whatever captures their attention (even if it changes hour by hour). On the plus side, we have learned to channel our focus for a greater good. They don’t understand self-limiting beliefs brought on by years of social resilience training called the ‘teens’ and ‘twenties.’ Combining both of these mindsets is mind blowingly exciting. Is it possible to focus our energy towards a greater good guided by intense limitless passion at the same time? You answer that.

The fact is, things change for us as life crawls along, but that four year old inside of us is on to something. He or she is very in-tune with themselves and we could learn a lot from this facet of ourselves. Countless opportunities in our adult lives are discontinued by lame inconsequential distractions, invalid self-limiting beliefs, and unraveling confidence. Insanely detailed codes of conduct and political correctness have washed away the lost the art of intuition. Of course, to some, this will sound like a philosophical rant. However, to those who have had this conversation between their adult & childlike hearts, knows that this compromise is real. The conversation must be had. Fulfilling societal obligations and a life fulfilled can be two different things. Experiencing the freedom and attitude of fearlessness and passion may not bring you closer to the chairmen but it will bring you closer to you.  Most importantly, the connection to this inner thoughtful and thoughtless person is pure happiness. Your psychological and physical health is directly related to your happiness as well. This connection isn’t just hocus pocus, it can be explained. Your health can be simply worded as an optimum alignment of hormones, neurotransmitters (brain sparks), muscles, organs, joints in causing no pain or emotional distress resulting in a sense of ease. This is ease freedom. The same freedom you felt as a limitless 4 year old.


It is our belief 

When you are happy, you are healthy.

When you are healthy, you are fearless.


When you are unhealthy you are limited.

When you are limited, you are afraid.


 When you are fearless, you are free.

 When you are free, you are alive. 



For most people the choice to rebuild begins with a fitness program. Regaining ones health is the fastest way to regain ones youth and beginning in the right place without inteference from distracting non-sense makes the choice sustainable and leads to freedom.  Being truthful, no one wants refuge from over-structure to become enslaved to more life long, calculated structure. That is not freedom. Long lasting health and freedom means a sense of security and stability which will then allow you to chase ambitions and take on the unpredictable, non-linear and unstable events that life brings and still achieve a greater purpose. No 30 day diet plan or 12 week workout program is capable of foreseeing the unforeseeable obstacles of life nor do they prepare you to do so. Your life and health is an endeavor which you command over still and rough seas. Only principles and careful laid steps can create such resilience. These principles are the crux of the RC Fitness Revival. The Result Cult coaching is designed to lead you towards a life of epic experiences, self-confidence expressed through complete freedom; from more structure to less. If you are in need of reviving your health there are certain particular steps you will need to take in order to be successful. As you move along you will learn how to listen to biofeedback aka the conversation with your primal body. You will learn to understand what causes you pain and how to avoid it for good. You will learn how to use intuition and play like you would uninfluenced with self-doubt.

The question is; where do you start? The key is managing unnatural stressors.



Start at the roots. If you are having trouble with dieting, experience pain or can’t quite get stress out of your life then you need to begin in the revival stage. If you need a full blow kick start let’s get a full evaluation of where you are and we practice the most thorough investigative processes available on earth in order to find hidden stressors and underlying causes of weight gain, emotional stress, pain and sub clinical dysfunction and the most advanced & individualized protocols to revive your health. Test, don’t guess!

Revive Your Diet

Mike is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in Training. Service Coming Soon!






Revive Your Movement

Michelle is a FMS certified specialist. Click to Watch VIDEO








Our convenient Food Guide, Daily Manifesto personalized journal, The RC handbook (available at HIAC), blog and friends like Paleo On The Go (convenient meal delivery) and Paleologix (digestive function support) are perfect outlets to get you going!



Strivers, you may feel like your weight and athleticism has been managed pretty well but you are striving for more! Our RC Guide to HRV (read reviews here) and Play + Practice = Training methods are perfect for you to take your body to the next level. Heart rate Variability will get you in-tune with your bodily rhythms and help you understand training stressors at a whole new level. If you haven’t already added PLAY into your training routine, this is the perfect time to begin. By adding a few freestyle sessions into your week you will experience an immense amount of stress relief and beneficial outdoor activity that is fun and actually adds to your movement skill catalogue. Structured training sessions and freestyle movement practice will give you such an amazing boost in your health and happiness that it will certainly become a staple for years to come.

Depending on your personal goals we have some more advanced dietary protocols waiting for you to play with. Going beyond paleo we can now begin experimenting with metabolic and blood typing and more specified diet methods which will combine athletic success and health. In striving mode, you should begin to get a really good feel for how your body interacts with food and find a NATURAL diet which your body craves and utilizes best. Aesthetics, athleticism and nature should come together cohesively in striving mode. Your health should be in-tact but you are searching now to be in-tune with your body like the 4 year old.



Thriving mode is the closest to ‘self-actualization’ of all. In thriving mode you are enjoying the cohesiveness of emotional, dietary and movement well-being. Your movement practice is strictly guided by intuition, preference and your educational background. To help more people experience this we host potlucks, RC Field Trips and host workshops and seminars so you can feel the energy Thriving mode brings your life.

This level goes beyond the x’s and o’s as you will begin to getting involved in activities with higher meaning. You are going beyond nutrition and directing your focus on economical, social and environmental sides of the food industry. Get involved in food buying co-ops, home gardening and developing alternatives from the current fragility centralized food production. Joining sides with others who have the same mission such as Organic Chef Foods (local producers of organic, pasture raised, grassfed meats and organic produce) Thrive Market (wholesale non-gmo and organic home goods and foods. They donate one membership to a family in need for every membership sold and have vowed to keep lowering prices as their business grows). Thriving movement involves coaching or practicing competition grade movement with a high level of capacity for health. This will require a high level of education and practical experience. Notice we do not use the word mastery. Thriving is an experience and a practice.

We are developing more outlets for you to work on hidden stressors and experience physical freedom. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.

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