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Testimonials from Movement and Nutrition Clients and are unedited. Feel free to submit your own testimonial to via email. Contact us for coaching opportunities.

I have been working with Mike for just over a year now and the results have been transformational. Just a few years ago I was 60 pounds heavier than I am today. I began running and was able to drop a significant amount of weight but back and knee pain caused me to look for an alternative exercise routine. Having never been a “gym guy”, I was hesitant to start weight training at age 40 and had no clue where to start. I was referred to Mike and he put together a program that was easy to understand, challenging and confidence boosting. His workout routines mix skill, mobility, strength and cardio that provide a serious calorie burn and a remarkable sense of personal accomplishment. As time went by I found myself completing exercises that I never thought possible. I saw my weight stabilize, body fat decrease and experienced an incredible improvement in flexibility. In addition to training, Mike provides a tremendous amount of support with regard to proper nutrition, sleep requirements and fitness tracking. Above all else, Mike enjoys what he does and that really comes through during our sessions.

Mike, thank you. I will carry with me the lessons I’ve learned for the rest of my life

Bob Donofrio

After 70 days, I have lost 33 lbs.  My flexibility and core have improved dramatically.  My medical symptoms have improved.  The clean eating has eliminated my bloating and heartburn.  Coffee used to cause instant day long heartburn.   I quit drinking coffee years ago because of the symptoms.  I recently had a cup and had no issues.  My energy level is great.  I just finished an 1 hour and 15 minute workout and I feel like I could walk 18 holes of golf.  I would except that it is 8 degrees outside.  I forgot to mention, I live 1,000 miles from Michelle and Mike in Central Illinois.  All of my sessions with them are done over Facetime in the convenience of my own home.  Finally, a good use of the internet!

Tony Muscato

March 2013 – Beginning of 60 Day Challenge      

Total Cholesterol 231

HDL 127

Triglycerides 56

LDL 93

May 23, 2013 – End of The Result Cult 60 Day Challenge

Total Cholesterol 201

HDL 100

Triglycerides 83

LDL 84

The Result Cult program for me hasn’t helped me lose so much as it has helped me gain: the ability to put my own rolling bag in an airplane baggage compartment, the skill and strength necessary to do the first handstand of my entire life, to squat more than my body weight and to run a 5k minutes faster than my previous best with absolutely no running in advance. I’ve gained the ability to take myself seriously and to commit to my health, the opportunity to see myself as someone who is worth something. Those might seem like small things, but less than a year ago they were complete impossibilities. It’s sad to me now when I look back at the person I was then, at how hard I was trying to do what every magazine, book, blog and TV show told me to do. I wasn’t lazy or obsessed with food. I was working much harder than I am now and I was making myself sick. I needed help. And the help I found in Mike Ritter has changed my life forever in ways that I can never repay.


Advertising Writer

Hi! My name is Rick Laymance. I’ll be 58 in a couple of months; and I am a husband, a father, and agrandfather. On October 5th, 2011, I had a life changing event which resulted in me being admitted to the emergency room with atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) and a BP of 240/160. In short, I spent the next seven days in the CCU having various tests and blood work done. This was not the first time I had blood pressure issues, but I had ignored them and talked myself into believing I was better. The good news is that I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure…why is that good? I’ll explain.

Congestive heart failure is typically a disease that causes a steady decline in the pumping ability of the heart muscle, causing the walls of the heart to enlarge. This makes the heart work much harder, and causes fluid to build up in the lungs, liver, abdomen and lower extremities. Congestive heart failure is most commonly caused by damage to the heart muscles from heart attacks (due to heart vessel blockages) and high blood pressure. During this time in the hospital, I lost approximately 35 pounds of excessive fluids that were causing all of my internal organs to suffer, with my heart and kidneys taking the brunt of the damage.

For the next year I survived by following the doctors’ orders and taking a fist full of heart and blood pressure medicine twice a day… at one point I was taking 11 different medicines. During that year I gained most of my weight back in pure fat poundage, reaching the upper 250’s (257 to be exact).

The good news is that I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure” part… I say that because [without the diagnosis] I would have never found HIAC, Michelle, and the Paleo Diet. I am 5 months gluten-free and have given up processed foods (sugar, dairy products, pre-packaged meals) for good! More importantly, I have lost 60+ pounds, worked off over 11% body fat, and reduced my blood pressure substantially (BP hovers around 100/60 now). In short, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, but today brings a sincere appreciation to HIAC for giving me a healthy lifestyle, and the ability to spend quality time with my family. I am so PUMPED to enter my first CrossFit competition as my 58th birthday present to me!!!

Rick Laymance

Supervisor, 365DataCenters

What the Result Cult training has given me is the best gift I could imagine. Recently I went to my 35th Naval Academy Reunion and felt like the same fit person I was in the academy. Everyday when I look in the mirror and become more motivated, I realize how much I owe the Result Cult for their knowledge and encouragement.”

Jack Fernandez

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