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Carbs & Weightlifting Seminar

Since many people are unhealthy, most popular diet advice tells you to reduce them. But what happens if you are healthy and training frequently?

This seminar takes an in-depth look at why carbs can be your best friend and how to individualize your intake, and how to become superman with carbs.


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$50 $25

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EBOOK: Balance Stress

Formerly The Fitness Revival


Cardiovascular disease is still the #1 Killer in America and the hidden primary cause is chronic stress. But how do you manage it such as hectic world? The answer is easy but the

This book is a monster. Balance Stress covers health from a perspective like you’ve never seen.

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Get the #1 eBook on Stress, Nutrition & Movement Training


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HEAL & THRIVE: The Holistic Nutrition Handbook

Get the guide that with our science based nutrition philosophy.

Heart Rate Variability

Take your training to the next level $9.99

Do you want to do what you love forever? Learn how monitoring heart rate variability not only helps you reach peak athletic performance but ensures you are doing it in a healthy sustainable way.

  • Learn the benefits of HRV
  • How to use it
  • Follow a simple but effective kettlebell conditioning program OR implement HRV seamlessly into your own strength and conditioning program.




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