EBOOK: The Result Cult Guide To Heart Rate Variability

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Start excelling in your training program today!

Download our EBOOK: The Result Cult Guide to Heart Rate Variability

Don’t you wish there was a way to know if your training program is actually making you healthier? You may not know without the proper tools to gauge. Have you lost motivation due to lack of energy or injury? It may not be your fault. You want the best for yourself and you want to do what you love forever. Heart Rate Variability is a science based tool to help manage your health on a day to day basis.

It’s unfortunate  only the world’s elite athletes have thus far been exposed to elite training programs. The rest of us need fitness magazines, books and word of mouth to get information and in the meantime pray that our personal trainer knows what he’s doing. Well, from one coach to you; we coaches are educated in muscle tissues, joints, and some weightlifting programming before we are let into the wild. The problem is those tissues and muscles are influenced by something much more powerful: your life outside the gym. And I’m not referring to the old tired argument about your motivation. I mean your lifestyle. You’ve been paying someone to beat your ass inside of 4 walls a day then retreat back indoors under artificial lighting, open a bill, sit in front of the tv and argue with the customer service representative as to why they haven’t applied your credit yet. Maybe you’re taking care of dinner for your kids or simply go right back to work where you slip into a task oriented brain wave.

If you’ve read The Result Cult Restoration Guide, you know that stress has an enormous impact on our health – maybe more than we trainers originally thought. It also has an impact on your ability to adapt to a training program, stay motivated and make better decisions in your life outside the gym that affect your progress. It all goes back to stress. So what do you do about?

Whether you are a mother, father, runner, cyclist,  crossfitter, kettlebeller or ceo you will benefit from reading “The Result Cult’s Guide to Heart Rate Variability.”

It is possible to immerse yourself with great effort into any training regimen, get lean and stay injury free without grinding yourself to a nub. With HRV monitoring guiding your intensities it is also very you will likely achieve your greatest athletic gains because you are optimizing your nervous systems readiness for every intense bout of training. A plus for everyone.

This book will provide you with:

  • An overview of fitness, health and the fitness industry
  • What stress actually means- allostatic load, allostasis and balance
  • HRV and what it means to you
  • How to set up an HRV 60 Day experiment
  • How to recover from a workout
  • Workout Log
  • Blood markers to test for during the 60 experiment

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