Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Maybe your question is one of our most frequently asked! Check this list and email us soon for an opportunity to benefit from our awesome program.

Why do you talk about stress?  
Stress can be summarized as your internal response to external inputs from your surrounding environment. These external things can be emotional relationships, training loads, poor diet etc. If your goal is to improve your health, you must understand that everything that happens to you and how you react to it (emotional, dietary or movement) has a compounding effect on our health. We see fitness programs who don’t understand or educate their followers on this principle are quickly exposed as short term solutions.
Is your program right for me? 

To be perfectly honest we may or may not be your best fit. We can help you become very healthy for a very long time. We have a passion for coaching excellent movement, coaching qualitative diets that work from the inside out, and a way of thinking that is both fun and empowering. If your goal is to train or compete with an “all cost” attitude then we probably aren’t your best fit. We don’t care how quickly, how heavy or how many times you can do something poorly.
Do I have to “do the paleo diet” to work with you? 

No. Our inside out approach begins with eating whole foods and eliminating potentially toxic foods for 30 days. That includes eliminating modified grains, processed sugar, processed dairy and artificial sweeteners which does fall under the paleo template. But we have resources which will reach far beyond Paleo. We find, in our experience, that most people can get away with each an all natural diet very easily, that also happens to look a lot like paleo. But once we get you healthy, you can call it whatever you like.

I have joint pain and haven’t exercised in a while. Should I wait until I feel better first before training?

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Our functional movement screen analayzes your basic movement patterns will detect as asymmetries and altered movement patterns that cause the CAUSE of the pain. We address those key things first before advancing you into any intensity. This proactive approach is much more successful than waiting. 


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