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Our Eat, Move & Think Workshops last between 90 min-2 hr specific and specifically focused on your choice of stress, nutrition or movement. In our workshops we teach the techniques covered in our ebook Balance Stress. Host us at your school, place of business, gym or local meet up. These instruction based workshops are perfect for anyone looking for thorough coaching in any one of these three areas; how you think, what you eat and how you move. Every workshop will include both lectures and practical portions.

  • Stress- An in-depth look at the mechanisms of stress and how real life situations impact your health in a large way. We will introduce specific ways to monitor and heal from external stressors of your modern environment.
  • Nutrition– What and how to eat is extremely important and seldom taught in schools. But this presentation is so much more. We will cover the difference between Food and Nutrition from a social, economical and chemical perspective and specific details of what makes a health and natural diet.
  • Movement– Back pain, headaches, joint aches and movement dysfunctions are the most common causes for disability and poor athletic performance. But don’t wait until these manifest themselves into problems. This workshop is not only about enhancing performance and decreasing pain but teaching people how to proactively maintain great alignment and posture to avoid future problems.


book your workshop in advance at Please schedule at least 30 days in advance.



The RC ALL-DAY events are packed with everything you need to bring your health and aesthetics together. This may be the most thorough explanation of stress you will ever see. We cover all 3 pillars; emotional, diet and movement.


Each section will involved a 1-1.5 lecture followed by an active workshop ingrain the material and ensure you have the tools necessary to apply our stress management techniques to your real life.

















Our Lunch n Learns are extremely popular in the city of Tampa. These talks are a quick 1 hour overview of our philosophy and some quick tips on how-to practice effective diet and exercise techniques in the workplace. Many companies such as 365 DataCenters, Wells Fargo, Moffit Cancer Research Center, Macy’s and many others have hosted these talks and each have applied the RC stress management techniques with immediate benefit. You will too!





Movement & Nutrition Coaching

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