Balance Stress: Eat, Move, & Think For Better Health



**2015 Ebook of the year nominee**




Balance Stress: Articles and Features




Chapter 1 content

  • What is Stress? 
  • Are You Too Sympathetic? 
  • The Brain’s Role in Stress Management 
  • 5 Ways to Become More Human

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Chapter 2 content

  • Weighing In
  • The Qualitative Diet
  • When Calories Matter
  • Much Ado About Protein
  •  The Big Fat Truth
  • Making Carbs Count
  • 60 Day Real Food Project in a Nutshell
  • 3 Shades of a Qualitative Diet
  • 4 Week Dietary Restoration
  •  Macros for Starters

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Chapter 3 content

  • Movement Stress
  • Movement Health
  • Health Vs Sport
  • Movement Principles
  • Movement Capacity and Fitness

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BONUS Chapter 4 content

  • Habits
  • Goal Setting
  • A Guide To Blood Work
  • Awesome Resources
  • Living Proof
  • Daily Manifesto

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Balance Stress delivers beautiful, simple and effective lifestyle changes in many, interrelated areas of health. Embracing stress management from all angles (emotional, dietary and movement stressors) allows you a lifetime of self-discovery and peak health.

What is stress?

Stress can be defined as your internal response to external influence. There are healthy amounts of stress (eustress) and unhealthy amounts (distress). When external factors your tough boss, sleeplessness or poor diet) your body is constantly is response mode to these factors. Every one reacts and recovers differently from the stress the environment produces.

One thing that you must understand is that exercise is a stressor. Moving poorly or chronically repeating similar intensity’s and stressors, can actually make you less healthy. Eating poor food choices, too few calories or harms your digestive system, creates oxidation damage, malabsorption and results in sometimes unpredictable other symptoms. Emotional stress is damaging in it’s own right and influences your ability to maintain an enjoyable exercise and diet program for a long period of time.

Stress balance isn’t simply about relating to a therapist or meditating on a beach. There must be a balance between the intense stressors we place on ourselves and the relaxing nature of meditation and normalcy. In order to thrive, stress balance we must understand the principles we laid out in Balance Stress.

Why focus on stress?

One of the major players responsible for the acceleration and deceleration of aging, disease, athletic performance, long term happiness, memory, joint pain and recovery can be described as stress. Triggers of chronic disease can be treated as alligators in a swamp. Do you shoot the alligators? Just shooting the alligators won’t work because the environment is still hospitable to alligators; more will eventually come. What’s the answer? Drain the swamp.

Environments influence behaviors yet we constantly try to target behaviors as the problem (ie change diet, change exercise plan) which is backwards and mostly why those changes alone done produce long term results. If your environment/life is festering unhealthy behavior, you must change or you will constantly be trying to medicate and re-medicate. And your swampy environment can be described ultimately as a pool of stressors and chronic, unnatural stressors are very common in our society. Although reducing all of these factors to one word (stress) can be viewed as over simplistic, this one word encompasses a whirlwind of causes, effects, variables and unknown factors. The study of stress involves behavioral, dietary and physiology inputs ranging from small correlative observations to 10 year-long meta-analysis. Stress affects 100% of all people. It’s a constant variable which affects every aspect of health.

A project like this may be the most important thing you ever do but this does not necessarily require a complete overhaul. Balance Stress is your ultimate tool belt equipping you to handle life as it comes. When you need a change, call a timeout and go through the steps laid out in this ebook. Or pre-emptively take measures to avoid ruts in the first place. What this means to you, is that you are the beneficiary of an awakening in the fitness industry. The focus of the revival we propose is one which will ultimately deepen your understanding the term healthy lifestyle.



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“Michelle and Mike have eloquently covered the most critical aspects of living/performing at your highest level. They aren’t afraid to speak the truth behind what will ultimately drive your results.”

– Charles Mayfield, SFG, FMS, USAW L1, CF L1, Co-Author of Paleo Comfort Foods book series


“Part of the power of Balance Stress is in its profound simplicity. Ritter and Richards of The Result Cult explain the nuances of stress, the importance of movement, and the concepts of a qualitative diet, all the while providing practical steps to apply the program to a normal life. Although the authors go into great detail with the physiological and psychological aspects of health and wellness, the foundation of their teaching is that which is innate to our species. The Result Cult wants to reconnect humans with the sensation of their natural bodies in a state of health, and it is this empowering message that makes Balance Stress so uniquely effective.”  

– Erin Van Genderen, Chief Product Reviewer for Paleo Magazine



A book that takes you deep into fitness and nutrition, making one examine what one puts in their bodies. Well written and researched, this book makes one seriously reconsider many things we have been taught over the years that have been wrong. This book is a must read for anyone looking to improve their lives in order to become more healthy, fit, or both.


“What a fantastic book! Contains all of the latest research regarding aging at the cellular level, and how to outsmart the process. The authors dig deep to offer scientifically-based data to support their arguments, tailoring their message to the well-read fitness fanatic. It’s so nice to read a text that assumes a reader does not need information to be overly simplified. If you love the challenge of learning the scientific basis for supplement and lifestyle recommendations, this book is for you! Arm yourself against the clock with this easy-to-read, yet informative text!”

  • Online Review


“Well written and easy to follow. Have gone back to it a few times.”

  • Online Review

“Once you get through the first 20 or 30 pages on the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system, which is an in depth review pertaining to stress, the book holds the key to health. A path and guide leaving room for body specific tweaking. Very good!”

  • Online Review

“A new age of health and fitness is upon us. Mike and Michelle do a fantastic job of explaining the often overlooked problem of stress and tackle it from angles not many people think about. The Fitness revival is a must read for all on their fitness journey.”

  • Kelsey, Online Review

“Finally, relevant health information for real life.”

  • Biatta M, Online Review

“Amazing read!”

  • Online Review

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